Pont des Arts Bridge is Losing its Locks of Love

If you’ve ever been to Paris and walked along the Seine near The Louvre, you’ve no doubt noticed the Pont des Arts.

And it’s  700,000+ padlocks!

Ponts des Arts BridgePonts des Arts BridgePonts des Arts BridgeLovers have been writing their names on the locks, attaching them to the grill of the bridge, and tossing the keys into the Seine for many years now.

A simple, beautiful gesture of romantic love.

But the added weight of all the locks has finally reached its dangerous limit.

The bridge is now unsafe. They have begun cutting all the locks off the bridge with bolt cutters.

A sad indication that even symbols of “eternal” love are not eternal.

Hopefully, the love that the locks symbolized did endure…but the symbols are being cut down forever.

What on earth does this have to do with your online success?

Well, while the lock symbols of love were a romantic notion, it takes more than a lovely gesture to maintain a relationship. It takes work. It takes planning. It takes following the example of other successful couples. Otherwise love will not endure…just like the lock symbols.

And it takes more than gestures and half-starts and wishes to build an online business.
It takes work. It takes planning. It takes following the example of other successful entrepreneurs.

When the taxman and the economy come to cut the locks from your “bridge”, will you have a sturdy money-making business in place? Or just wishes and hopes and gestures?

My Own Top Tier Business has been proven time and time again to withstand the harsh winds of reality.

That’s why it comes with a ten-times-your-money-back guarantee.

You don’t get that with love.

You don’t get that with any other online system.

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For the full story of Pont des Arts Bridge and it's 700,000 locks click here ==> paris-love-locks-bridge-collapse


Homer Lindsay

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Homer Lindsay

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