Do What You’re Great At And Ditch The Rest

Years ago, I was in a lecture.

Personal success. That was the topic.

One the things the speaker said was that you need to pinpoint your weaknesses and then work on fixing them. So that you can become “well-rounded.”

I started to wonder:

“Should that really be my approach to personal growth?”

Now, there’s something to the whole “work on your weaknesses” idea.

Some things you need to fix.

But on the whole…

Focusing on your weaknesses is a waste of time. And energy. And opportunity. And happiness.

A better way: forget your weaknesses. Do what you’re great at. Find other people to do what you’re weak at.

We try so much to achieve “balance.” What we really need is more imbalance. To focus on the few things we do great… and let the rest fall by the wayside.

Scientists at Gallup did lots of research on this. Their conclusion: the most effective leaders focus on developing strengths instead of fixing weaknesses (in themselves and in others).

Playing to your strengths…

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